In Collaboration with Nadia van Essen 
Thost (2020) is an audio-based installation piece, consisting of several tape loops and a band recorder as monumental centre piece. The tape loops all play fieldrecordings of water at different intervals, whilst the band recorder plays one consistent tone that slowly deteriorates with every loop. 
For this piece, Megan Bruinen and Nadia van Essen joined forces and used Groningen as the stage for mapping the waterbodies of the city. Questioning what information one can extract from both the water's volume and surface, Bruinen and van Essen used the omnipresent waterbodies in and around Groningen to map the city through its water. 

Questioning what information we can extract from both the water’s volume and the surface, Megan Bruinen and sound-artist Nadia van Essen analyzed several water bodies in and around the city of Groningen. With a shotgun microphone several field trips to places with water, such as a lake, swimming pool and a canal. With a shotgun microphone they recorded the interaction of the water with its surrounding and with a hydrophone they recorded underwater acoustics. The r are During the exhibition on the 27th and 28th of August they presented an ambient tape looping installation of aquatic sounds inside the former sauna building. An archival cassette+zine publication coming soon as wel…