Thost (2020) 
Audio Loop, 08:53
Thost (2020) is an audio-based installation piece, consisting of several tape loops and a band recorder as monumental centerpiece. The tape loops all play field recordings of water at different intervals, whilst the band recorder plays one consistent tone that slowly deteriorates with every loop. 
For this piece, Me and Nadia van Essen joined forces and used Groningen as the stage for mapping the waterbodies of the city. Questioning what information one can extract from both the water’s volume and surface, we used the omnipresent waterbodies in and around Groningen to map the city through its water. 
Currently, they’re creating compositions of these recordings and will present a cassette with the mapped waters of Groningen soon.

2020, This All Happened Today, Tomorrow and a Year Ago

Installation View at Het Resort, Groningen